Woman Found Out She’s Having Twins, 10 Days Later Finds Out There’s More Babies Inside

Expecting a twin is not easy. Although it is exciting since the parents will have two babies at the same time, know that the responsibility will also be doubled. You probably know someone who was a twin or has twins.

Having twins is fairly common, especially for those with a family history. In fact, about 1 in 250 pregnancies result in the birth of twins. However, having triplets are even rarer. About 1 in 10,000 pregnancies result in triplets being born.

If you are pregnant for the first time, learning that you will have multiple pregnancies will surely catch you off-guard. And for this first-time mother, she found out that she was going to have twins. But 10 days later, she learned that she was not pregnant with twins, but triplets!

Like other mothers out there who are active in social media, this first-time mom also documented her journey on TikTok – naming it “Taming Triplets.”

As part of this documentation, she also shared that doctors were worried that because of her size, she might not be able to carry the babies in full term. There was a huge possibility for premature birth which may result in these babies developing cerebral palsy and other developmental issues. She is 5-ft tall with a small frame. And that would make it difficult for her to carry more than one baby.

For the Taming Triplets, it was less comfortable for both her and the babies. She explained that each baby had their own position. Baby #1 pressed against her bladder, Baby #2 was close to her belly button, and Baby #3 was snug underneath her ribs. Still, it was not that comfortable.

Even against medical advice, the couple was confident to keep all babies. There are huge risks but they are willing to take them. To keep her fans and followers up to date, she would post regular updates.

In a post, she said: “Every week I get bigger I think ‘I can’t stretch anymore…,’ and then I do!!! Women are warriors. I don’t know how I’m doing this.”

But you see, her pregnancy was not supposed to be triplets. One of the babies had a different date of conception. It means that she had two different due dates for the babies.

She explained:

“Normally your body is supposed to switch up your hormones and stop you from ovulating again once you’re already pregnant. In my circumstance, it did not. About 10 percent of women can ovulate twice a month. Only I think .3 percent get pregnant a second time…So technically our babies do have different due dates, luckily they’re close enough that they will be born the same day, so they will all still be considered triplets.”

Then after falling silent on social media, her followers were shocked when her next update was that she had given birth to 3 baby girls!

She gave birth prematurely. Mom was healthy but her babies had to stay in the NICU for further observation. She wrote:

“My sweet girls…. you are fighters and showing your strength already. I still can’t wrap my mind around how delicate and tiny you are but so so mighty at the same time.

We can’t wait to bring you home and get all 3 of you in our arms at once 💛 The NICU is the toughest journey for all 5 of us, but once we get through this together, then it will be all UP from here. ”

All babies are still in the NICU but with their positive improvement, there is no doubt that they will be sent home soon.


Reply to @ashleythurston08 Made this before Preterm Labor symptoms started, so answer is now def “YES” to #NICU time. #highriskpregnancy

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