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Blue Bloods cast has left many of its members throughout its 11 seasons.

How Amy Carlson explained her abrupt exit from Blue Bloods?

When will the younger generation of Reagans attend Sunday dinners again?

And is it true that Tom Selleck is going to leave the show because of health issues?

Amy Carlson’s exit was an unpleasant surprise both for the cast and fans.

But at least it was her own decision – which was not the case for Jennifer Esposito, who lost her job because of her health problems.

David Ramsey, who played the New York Mayor, left Blue Bloods because he preferred a regular role in Arrow.

And Sami Gayle also preferred to look for other opportunities. However, she stays a part of the recurring cast of Blue Bloods.

And so are brothers Tony and Andrew Terraciano, who portray Jack and Sean Reagan. Watch our video to find out the rest of the Blue Bloods secrets!

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