What Teeter From Yellowstone Looks Like In Real Life

Yellowstone has picked up steam over its 4 seasons, and is now one of the most-watched dramas on TV. The modern western has numerous colorful characters, but we’re going to examine the case of the only one with pink hair. Teeter, played by actor Jen Landon, has been central to the conflict in recent episodes, and observant viewers might recognize Landon from other shows over the years. What might not be immediately apparent is Landon’s pedigree; she’s actually the daughter of an actor who played another beloved character (who often worked with horses). Watch the video to find out the details! This is what Teeter from Yellowstone looks like in real life. #Yellowstone #Actors #TVShow Read Full Article: https://www.thelist.com/707984/what-teeter-from-yellowstone-looks-like-in-real-life/

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