Watch Priceless Reaction of Rescued Dog One Hour Before Being Put Down

Watch Priceless Reaction of Rescued Dog One Hour Before Being Put Down

Do you believe that animals have feelings too? If not, then this adorable pooch will prove you wrong.

Before going to the animal shelter, Bronwyne Mirkovich felt like this was going to be the day for her. In the beginning, the man wanted to take a friend home with him. He didn’t want to just take any pet dog though. Bronwyne wanted the dog that he could consider his “best” buddy.

While he didn’t yet understand which dog it’s going to be, he decided to trust his instincts and think he would figure it out when he saw it. Even though Bronwyne had a strong feeling that this day would change his life, he didn’t think it would be so simple.

When one dog looked at him, Bronwyne immediately saw the best friend he had been waiting for right there. The dog named “Edie” looked at Bronwyne as if asking to take him home. The dog was apprehensive at first, but as soon as he realized that Bronwyne was just a friend, Edie started to get excited. The pooch walked right up to him and became friendly.

There is a good reason why Edie was afraid of humans. He was scheduled to be put down in less than an hour when Bronwyne arrived. It means that Edie would have died if Bronwyne had not arrived on time to bring him home.

That is why Edie’s transformation from being afraid and depressed to being so happy was so amazing.

Every year, animal shelters put down about 1. 5 million dogs and cats. This is the reason why Bronwyne wanted to get his dog from a shelter. Animals are killed every day and most of them have been long residents of animal shelters and nobody wanted to take them home.

That’s why he chose to get a dog from the animal shelter. What he did not expect was that he would end up saving a life.

The idea of having a pet dog is great, but it is important that you consider first if you are ready to be a pet owner. You must learn how to choose the right dog for you.

Getting a new puppy is a big commitment. Training, socializing, play, exercise, and plain friendship are necessary for such a social, group-oriented animal. Bringing a new dog into the home can be challenging if you work long hours and your family works long hours too.

Also consider cost when getting a dog. Veterinary and feeding bills, beds, crates, leashes, toys, and other necessities add up. Adoption costs differ as well. It depends on the dog and the shelter whether or not immunizations and spay/neuter are included in the adoption price.

And if you have kids, consider leaving them at home on your first visit to a shelter. A child’s “love at first sight” might impact your decision.

If you are planning to get a dog, be patient and avoid making rash decisions. Putting forth the effort to complete your homework and research, by making sure that you are detached from your emotions and exercising patience at all costs, will result in finding the dog that is best for you. You are sure that you will bring home one who will be grateful beyond measure for the fresh start you’ve given.

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