Two Sisters See A Woman Texting Another Man, Decides To Tell Husband In A Note

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Two Sisters See A Woman Texting Another Man, Decides To Tell Husband In A Note

In July 2015, two Atlanta Braves fans, Delana and Brynn, went to a game at Turner Field. They were there to enjoy watching the game, but instead, they witnessed something else. Just in front of them, was a married couple wearing red shirts and caps that matched. Nothing unusual, until they saw what the wife was doing.

During the game, the wife was glued to her cell phone, which they couldn’t help but notice. And they could see the screen very well as they were literally sitting just a row above them. Delana and Brynn say that at that point, they found out that the woman had been sending sexually suggestive texts to a man named “Nancy” while her husband was sitting right next to her!

They could have chosen to disregard the situation, but instead, they chose to act on it. Cheating should not be taken lightly and never ignored. Both Delana and Brynn were keen about exposing the “cheating wife.” as they called her.

They will give the husband who was totally unaware of the situation, a memo explaining what it was that they had seen. They could not simply sit back and witness the infidelity that this woman is doing against her husband.

They wrote a note on the program for the baseball game, and then they snapped pictures of the texts from where they were sitting. When the woman wasn’t looking, the sisters intended to discreetly pass the note to the husband.

The note read:

“Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! Sorry, just thought you should know!”

Delana also scribbled down her phone number and told him to contact her in the event that his wife deleted the texts before he had a chance to look at them. Before making their next move, Delana and Brynn waited for the game to end first. They handed the note to the man as he stood up to go.

He stopped, quickly glanced at the note, and looked confused. He then gave the sisters a thumbs up.

Then not more than 30 minutes later, the sisters say the man sent Delana a text message. He did read the note and now wanted to see the photos in question. In addition to that, he mentioned that he appreciated the fact that they went out of their way to reveal what they saw.

So upon his request, Delana sent him the photos. She said that it was the last she ever heard from him.

The story of the cheating baseball fan and her husband who was unaware of her infidelity quickly went viral after the sisters shared their story on Twitter. While a number of readers praised the sisters for exercising their civic duty and dubbed them heroes for their actions, others argued that it was none of anyone’s concern other than the couple who was involved.

Others say that the sisters should not have meddled in the situation. In fact, some people commented that it was just a made-up story intended to gain public attention. Still, the sisters claim that what happened was real.

What would you have done in this situation? Do you think you too will have the courage to expose someone else’s infidelity?

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