The Rescued Baby Elephant Took The Most Adorable First Bath

This is the enchanting moment when a rescued baby elephant takes a bath for the first time, an experience that he immediately falls in love with. Now that cute little thing just can’t get enough of having fun in the pool, and people can’t get enough of enjoying it too!

Although he seems happier than ever, life hasn’t always been like this for Chaba. The little elephant was born in captivity and his playground was nothing more than a small concrete box in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Like many elephants, the calf’s mother, BunMa, was forced to put on shows to entertain people. A terrible fate that Chaba probably would have shared, had it not been for some good volunteers from the Save Elephant Foundation.

After massive efforts, these dedicated people somehow managed to save both Chaba and his mother, then brought the two of them to Elephant Nature Park, a rehabilitation center in northern Thailand.

“When our team found out about Chaba and his mother BunMa, we did everything we could to help them,” Ry Emmerson, project leader at the Save Elephant Foundation, told The Dodo. “We found her in a small cement pen … it was immediately clear that they were both in poor health and needed urgent intervention.”

Now, the mother-daughter duo finally has a chance at a well-deserved life in peace. But while BunMa looks so relieved after all her thoroughness, her sweet baby doesn’t miss out on a chance to experience new adventures at the rescue center. By far her best experience at the Save Elephant Foundation was a bath, her first bath. A habit that she enjoys whenever she gets the chance.

“She loves to play with water and splash around,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “Mom leaves while she plays and has a moment to relax. She becomes more confident and learns a lot ”.


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