The Real Reason Some Fans Hate ‘NCIS Los Angeles’

NCIS: Los Angeles is a c***e action television series with a combination of military and police drama on the CBS network. It had originally premiered in September 2009 and since October 2021, has begun its thirteenth season.

The series is a spin-off to NCIS, which has been on for 19 seasons now and have managed to avoid cast drama besides Mark Harmon potentially not getting along with his co-stars. NCIS: Los Angeles is also a sister series show to NCIS Miami.

Considering all three shows have the same premise of a group of elite division Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) that specialize in taking on undercover assignments, you would expect that they also all would be responding well by fans. However, that is not necessarily the case when it comes to the NCIS franchise. While NCIS which had had great success and has brought on multiple unforgettable guest stars) and NCIS: Miami are doing well in reviews, NCIS: Los Angeles has received quite a few mixed reviews. Viewers of the show are beginning to turn from loving to hating the series and the show is even affecting the actors net worth (Renee Felice Smith for example). Keep reading to find out why fans are changing their minds on NCIS: Los Angeles.
Fans Are Not Happy With The New Season Of NCIS: Los Angeles

When comparing the average ratings between the older and newer seasons of NCIS Los Angeles, ratings have gone down drastically. According to Rotten Tomatoes, season 2 had an average rating of 4.2 and 86% of viewers were enjoying the season. However, in season 11, the ratings dropped to 57% with an average rating of 3.4. Fans are not pleased with the way the new seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles is progressing.

Fans have gone on Reddit to express their feelings, and concerns towards NCIS: Los Angeles. Some fans feel the dynamic between stars Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J is off and is not coming across as natural for the viewers. Other fans believe the casting could have been made better to do as well as NCIS and NCIS Miami are doing. Viewers are confused about why characters, such as the seamstress on the show add to the storyline when they do not do anything to build suspense.

Dedicated viewers are beginning to question why the network bothered to create NCIS Los Angeles with okay casting, characters, and storylines. Compared to NCIS which has a great storyline and an even greater casting fit for the characters they play on-screen. NCIS makes sense, NCIS: Los Angeles seems to have just lost their mojo in the writing room to create solid episodes to keep the audience and fans to tune in each week.
One fan on Reddit took no time to express how she feels about the new season saying, “I don’t understand the seamstress (the short lady that’s in everything). I don’t like LL Cool J in it, Chris O’Donnell is okay. It’s very hard for me to like this show because I absolutely LOVE NCIS. You can’t make anything close to the already perfect cast of NCIS. The humor, the jokes, the stories, how they interact with each other. Only cop shows that makes you forget you’re watching a cop show. Can’t miss an episode of NCIS…I can miss an episode of NCIS LA.” It sounds like the production team behind NCIS: Los Angles need to go back to the drawing board and rework the series and give fans a reason to want to come back each week to see what will happen next. After all, without the viewers coming back week after week, the viewer ratings will cease to exist and the show could end up being canceled before you know it.
Season 13’s New Look On NCIS: Los Angeles

Since the NCIS franchise began, fans knew to always expect a special seasonal episode each year when it got closer to the holidays. Even with production delays due to Covid-19 Pandemic, season 12 of NCIS: Los Angeles gave fans a winter special episode. NCIS: Los Angeles was not the only series deciding to not continue the seasonal episode tradition but the NCIS and its other spin-off series NCIS: Hawaii also was not as well. Instead, the franchise chose to go on their winter hiatus and not give the fans their usual dose of festive cheer that they have always done, and something fans always look forward to because they’re fun, cheerful, and typically a lighter episode away from the drama and put them into the holiday mood.

The winter hiatus did not only mean any seasonal episode but was also meant the departure of the shows beloved Special Agent Gibb. Fans were counting on the special seasonal episode to keep their spirits alive for the holidays and make it less depressing about Gibb’s leaving the series. Several fans took it upon themselves to express their disappointment over the social media platforms Instagram and Twitter.

On an Instagram account dedicated to Eric Christian Olsen who plays Agent Marty Deeks on NCIS: Los Angeles, fans flooded the comments expressing their disappointment. One fan on the Instagram account commented, “They always have a Christmas episode! Even last year with the pandemic!” On Twitter, Fans were also latching out on the NCIS Twitter account over there being no seasonal episode, one person tweeted, “It kind of ticks me off that they haven’t done one single holiday-themed episode this year. The last Christmas-themed episode was in season 17. The last Halloween episode was in season 16, and last Thanksgiving was season 15. These tend to be some of the best episodes.” Hopefully, the NCIS franchise has got the message clear from their fans and will ensure to always have a holiday special episode to bring in the holiday spirit before the series goes on their winter hiatus.
While NCIS is going phenomenally well, was it necessary for the franchise to bring in the spin-off series NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans (even though they have brought on new cast members who have earned their roles such as Charles Michael Davis has). The ratings are not doing as well as they once were at the beginning of the series, fans are not pleased with the casting and the storylines of the show. Most of all, having no season 13 seasonal episode does not leave NCIS: Los Angeles in their fans good books and is likely why many fans are beginning to hate the series. If NCIS: Los Angeles were to get renewed for a fourteenth season and brought back the winter episode just before the winter hiatus, changed up the storylines a bit, and consider some casting changes, the question remains of would the fans who have turned to hate NCIS: Los Angeles grow to love the show again?

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