The Italian actor Jessica Cediel says you could “eat without getting fat”

Through her Instagram stories, the Colombian presenter recommended a “diet” in which the main course is Michele Morrone, star of the Netflix movie ‘365 days’

Jessica Cediel, Colombian presenter, is one of the most recognized figures of local entertainment. Between her productions and her audiovisual projects, the woman also stands out for her mediatic love life, of which she shares fragments on her social networks. This time, the also businesswoman, who is single at the moment, made news of her for her daring praise of a famous Italian actor.

In a story, which she shared on Instagram, she posted a ‘meme’ in which she expressed her sexual desire for Michele Morrone, actor from the movie ‘365 Days’.

“Thing you can eat without gaining weight,” reads the top edge of the image. At the same time, the influencer also joked with her fans. “Girls, here I leave you the diet for today,” concluded the message, with a clear reference that surprised her more than 8.5 million followers.

Later, with the responses of users of the social network, the woman commented on the sexuality of the Italian actor. “We’re going to have a laugh. I make a lot of bullshit here, do not believe in everything that one makes them, but today, in particular, I left you a photo of a diet that I and many of my girls would follow to the letter. Under medical recommendation and with a closed eye, ”said the woman, joking.

“Many and many told me that he is gay. But what does he have? Gay doesn’t take away that man’s daddy. With respect to his partner and the due public, but what a man … ”, he said, according to the rumor that reached her.

However, other followers denied that information. An anonymous user said: “He is not gay, only because of a photo that he uploaded with the partner of the next season of the movie ‘365 DNI’. They already said that, he himself clarified, “she rectified.

Faced with this, Cediel said: “Sorry! Like nothing takes away the beauty, “he said.

What the fan of the presenter said is true. The photo, published last June 1 with the model Simone Susinna, caused questions among the fans of the Netflix actor. However, through his stories, he debunked the articles and rumors spread on the internet.

“My team told me that there are articles on the internet saying that I came out because of the photo I took with Simone. She became a good friend, we are like brothers and we are shooting a movie together. Guys, it was just a photo and nothing more,” he said, in perfect English. In addition, he sent his support to the LGBTI community and explained that it is not an act of rejection.

‘Lokillo’ spoke about his kiss with Cediel

Yédinson Ned Flórez or as he is mostly called, Lokillo, wanted to experience his artistic skills in acting with his film: ‘Lokillo in: my other self’, in which he acts for the first time and, in addition, he does it for the cinema . The production could be seen in the middle of this 2021 and beyond its success or lack thereof, the comedian’s debut as an actor, the story itself that develops the feature film, among other things; there was something in particular that has also been commented on among social networks and the media, everything is specifically about a scene with Jessica Cediel who, although she mainly works as a presenter, the woman from Bogotá has also acted in some movies and in this case he worked on ‘Lokillo en: mi Otra yo’.

In this scene, Lokillo’s character and Jessica Cediel’s character kiss. And, in this regard, the man from Antioquia received a question from a user who says: “Chim%$ the kiss with Jessica or what?” Immediately the comedian defined in a few words the kiss with the presenter: “The kiss with Jessica? I am going to describe to you how that kiss with Jessica Cediel was: horrible, terrible, I never want to record a movie again … ”, later he labeled the woman from Bogota in his story.

His response can be seen as a joke since his wife, Karen Gutiérrez, was with him while he spoke.

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