The Hero rescues the Child from falling from the 12th floor in VietNam.

A delivery man in Vietnam is being hailed as a real-life superhero after he saved a little girl, who fell from the 12th floor. The jaw-dropping moment was caught on camera and is now going viral, not only in the country but worldwide.

In the video, captured by a neighbour, the 2-year-old child was seen climbing out of the balcony of a 16-story building in Hanoi. The toddler left onlookers freaked out as she was seen dangling from the highrise by just holding onto a railing of the balcony.

Neighbours in a building opposite could be heard crying out aloud in fear, calling out to the girl. However, seconds later the child started to lose her grip and was seen falling, with the person recording the video screaming, fearing the worst has happened. Luckily, the girl’s fall was broken and the delivery personnel caught her in his arms.

The man, identified as Nguyen Ngoc Manh, 31, was sitting in his truck, waiting to make a delivery at 5pm on Sunday when he heard a child crying, he told local news outlet the Anninhthudo. A woman started screaming and he stuck his head out of the window to see what was going on.

When he saw the toddler was nearly 50 metres above ground, without hesitation he got out of his truck and tried to look for ways to rescue her. “I plunged out of the car immediately and found ways to climb into the nearby building. I mounted on a 2-meter-high tile roof to seek a proper position to get the girl,” he said to the Vietnam Times.

Standing on a shaky metal roof, his only plan was to prevent the girl from hitting the ground. He told the news outlet that he extended his arms out to take in maximum impact. Luckily, the girl fell in his lap. “I hurriedly embraced her then saw blood leaking from her mouth, I was very frightened ”, Manh recollected.

The child was taken to the National Children’s Hospital where doctors told local media she had dislocated her hip but suffered no other injuries. Manh too later realised that he had sprained his arms.

“I didn’t think about it much back then, but now I’m happy for doing something meaningful. After saving the girl, I left without leaving a phone number, though the girl’s family managed to contact me anyway to inform me of the girl’s health status,” he told VN Express International.

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