The extended family of Mark Harmon

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The People magazine has called him the sexiest man in 1986 and millions of fans adore him for a character he created Leroy Gibbs in a famous TV series NCIS. Marc Harmon was born in 1951 and has tried many jobs in life, from a carpenter to a footballer. However, it was his destiny to become a worldwide known Hollywood actor.

His father, Thomas Dudley Harmon was a brave man and a great father. He played American football and even won several awards. Perhaps, he could become a famous football player if the Second World War didn’t start. He joined the army and became a pilot for the US Army Air Force. After demobilization, he got married to his sweetheart Elyse and lived happily with her in LA until his death in 1990.

The actor’s mother, Elyse Lillian Knox was working in a fashion industry and was more than successful in a professional career. She met Thomas on a radio show but they couldn’t start relationship as he entered the army. While Harmon was serving for his country, Elyse got married to a photographer, yet the marriage didn’t last long. When Thomas returned, they met again and have never been apart since then.

Marc Harmon has 2 sisters from the same parents and both are older.

The first one is Kristen Nelson who was born in 1945. She is a creative person, being an actress, a painter and an author. Her personal life is not that successful. She was married twice, twice divorced and had to go through rehabilitation because of drugs. She is a mother of 4 kids.

Another sister is Kelly Jean Harmon. She worked as a model and later joined the interior design sphere. She was also married twice and now lives merely with the second husband, Robert Miller, raising up 3 kids from two marriages. She is also known as an actress, especially in ads, such as, for instance, Tic Tac.

Marc Harmon has been married to a well-known model and actress, Pamela Dawber since 1987 and till present. She got worldwide recognition due to her role in Mork & Mindy. The couple prefers to keep personal life in secret and can rarely been seen together in public. They have recently celebrated 30th anniversary in a circle of the close friends, relatives and family members.

During the marriage, the couple has produced 2 sons.

Sean Thomas born in 1988 looks exactly like his father. His beautiful and sexy appearance helped him to become an actor and a stunt coordinator.

Ty Christian is 4 years younger and also a creative person like everyone in a family. He is doing great being a screenwriter.

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