Student Walks Into Class With His Head Frozen In Ice

Education is very important which is why many of us go above and beyond just so we can achieve something in life. Most 8-year-olds only worry about seeing their friends in school, their toys, and finishing their homework.

For this 8-year-old boy named Wang Fuman from Xinjie province in China, these are. These are not the only things that he has to worry about. He was going through life’s struggles at a very young age. Everyone is hoping that this is going to end when his teacher snapped a photo of him when he got to school one morning.

Wang’s head was almost frozen solid and his cheeks were bright red because of the frigid temperature. You might wonder what he’s been doing out in the cold?

We may not know much about this boy’s life but what we do know is that he has a heartbreaking story. Noticias Caracol shared that Wang’s mother abandoned his family. This is the reason why Wang’s dad moved to a bigger cit to work but Wang had to stay with his grandmother who lives miles away from his elementary school.

Wang had no means of transportation to get to and from school so he had to walk three miles each way daily.

There are days when it would rain, some days would be blisteringly hot. Still, this did not stop him from going to school. Even during the cold winter mornings, Wang would strap on his thickest coat to endure his challenging trek to school. This is what happened that frosty winter morning when he showed up to school almost completely frozen.

This poor little boy could barely move his eyes. What made everything heartbreaking is instead of feeling sorry for Wang, his classmates made fun of what he looked like. The students pointed and laughed at him and Wang simply grinned at them in disbelief.

These kids had no clue what it was like to be in his shoes, enduring the deadly temperatures just to get to school. His drive to learn is what is making him stronger even in this kind of weather.

This is the lesson that his classmates have to learn from him if they want to be successful.

According to the local news outlet, Wang just focused on getting to school that morning because he has a big test. He didn’t mind the cold weather. We have to admit, only a few children his age would dare brave the weather just to get to school as a step to reach his dreams.

Just by the look on his frozen hair and bright red cheeks, we already have an idea of how cold it must have been out there. We may not know how much more struggles he has to endure but Wang is truly an inspiration.

Everyone is hoping for Wang’s life to get easier. With this kind of dedication and passion to learn, he surely knows the importance of education, and what this can change in his life. Like Wang, let us continue on fighting for our dreams.

Let us not give these life challenges a chance to ruin us. It may seem like a difficult task to achieve but when we push ourselves to be better, we can easily reach our dreams.

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