Spanked Children Can Develop A Disorder As They Grow Older

There are different ways of disciplining a child. Although it is usually frowned upon, there are still parents who spank their children. Have you ever been spanked as a child? If you have, experts believe that there is a chance that you have also developed this type of disorder.

Back in the day, it was a usual practice to spank children for rowdy behavior. If you were born in the 60s, 70s, 90s, or even in the early 90s, then there is no doubt that you have experienced or heard stories of other children getting spanked by mom or dad. For some, it can be as severe as belt whipping.

And over the years, it has become less typical to spank a child. Many would consider it child abuse but there are others who still do it. According to the latest research, it reveals that instead of teaching the child a lesson by spanking, striking can lead to teaching the child how to make use of physical abuse later in life.

For many parents, they resort to spanking because this is the easy way out. Instead of fully understanding the issues and taking into account the feelings and the bad habits of the child, some parents think that they can address the issue by spanking. They believe that by causing pain, the child will not do the same mistakes again.

Some who use objects like a belt to strike a young child believes that this helped them with their parenting.

Moms who spanked their kids were more likely to smoke and drink alcohol while they were pregnant. And through recent studies, it has been proven that spanking did not do anything great for the wellness of the child. But even so, many parents are still spanking their children as a form of discipline.

According to scientists, this type of physical abuse serves as a psychological and vindictive release for the parents. And instead of helping the young ones, it only causes more issues.

A research performed by the College of Texas Medical Branch, 800 adults were evaluated as those that were once hit by their parents when they were young. Jeff Temple, the study’s lead Psychiatry Teacher at the College of Texas Medical Branch explained, “Regardless of whether someone experienced child abuse or not, spanking alone was predictive of dating violence.”

Dr Denise Cummins composed a piece in Psychology Today stated that moms and dads are bigger than their kids in size. They are also more developed in every way so they should find other ways to discipline their children. And in this time and day, bullying is one of the biggest concerns that the community is facing.

We have seen the outcome of bigger kids bullying the smaller ones. And this is the same logic with parents physically hurting their kids.

Cummins said, “When a parent tries to get children to behave better by hitting them, that parent is telling them that hitting people who are smaller and weaker than you is an acceptable way of getting what you want from them. Why should it surprise that parent when their children beat up smaller children at school or grow up to be wife beaters?”

Do you think to spank a child really help them correct their mistakes?

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