NCIS Season 20: Is It Really Happening Or Is It Just Speculation?

NCIS is a Television series with its main focus on Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a skilled investigator leading a team of agents in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Major case response. The team and Leroy Jethro Gibbs solve intense c****s in every episode.

The genre is drama, and the first episode of the series is released on 23 September 2003. For now, the 19th season of the establishment has acquired a good viewership averaging 7.45m views.

Mark Harmon’s Exit From The show

The further prediction of the number of viewers of the series shows a decreasing trend over time; and Mark Harmon’s exit(who played the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs) from the show might be true sooner than expected.

Even with CBS’s denials, it is pretty clear to the audience that the plan of replacing Gibbs with Gary Cole plays Alden Parker’s role.

This is more likely to be unsatisfactory to the audience, according to whom, “There’s no NCIS without Gibbs.” There have been a lot more tweets about Gibbs’ exit and how the viewership would be affected without Mark Harmon’s presence in the season.

So, the question arises? Will the show return for the next season?

CBS Show Renewals

CBS shows usually get renewed around March-April, and till now, CBS has renewed shows like Bob’s hearts Abishola, CSI: Vegas, Young Sheldon, etc. They have also renewed a couple of reality shows such as ‘The Amazing Race,’ ‘Survivor,’ ‘Tough as nails, ‘and ‘Secret celebrity renovation.’

However, there has been no announcement of the return of NCIS for the 20th season. However, it is expected to announce by the fall, and the predictions of NCIS returning for a 20th are inclined towards the positive side, for now, because of constant view numbers.

NCIS Season 20: Is It Really Happening Or Is It Just Speculation?


NCIS had become the highest-rated television series during Mark Harmon’s period in the show. In the early 2010s, it had managed to pull around 13 million live viewers, and by the 18th season, the show was still at 10 million live viewers. However, the numbers have decreased with a 25% decline from the last season, with 7.45 million views. The series is still one of the top shows on Monday mornings.

So, even though the ratings have fallen, in the relative grading, NCIS is still doing pretty good, and it would still be a joyous announcement if the next season of NCIS is an actual possibility by CBS.


Although the prediction of the fall rate was high, it did not hamper the entirety of the show; and the chances for the next season are high, even though an official announcement is yet to be made. With the current ratings, there’s no particular reason why CBS would cancel NCIS; one of its top shows, which contributes to better Monday nights’ ratings. However, the change in the viewer experience couldn’t be ignored. It wouldn’t be the same without Mark Harmon on the show.

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