Mom Leaves Baby In A Car To Get Drunk At A Nightclub

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This mom probably thought it was okay for her to leave her baby in a car to get drunk at a nightclub.

26-year-old Samantha Grace Vaughan went to a nightclub but only to get her drunk husband out and bring him home. However, when she was in the restroom, she knocked back two shots of hard alcohol before heading back to her car with her sleeping baby inside. But when she did, she was shocked to see police officers rounding up her car.

The police officers tried to take this drunk Texas mom into custody for abandoning her baby in the car and planning to drive while intoxicated, she resisted the authorities. She verbally abused them and proved how racist she is by using racial slurs against these cops.

She just proved that she is up to no good after leaving her baby in a car while going into a nightclub even though she was there to ‘check’ on her drunk husband. It was a bit after midnight. The question is, how did she end up to be the one taking shots of alcohol when she was supposed to be there to check on her plastered husband.

She just abandoned the baby and get back, planning to drive in her drunken state.

According to the arrest warrant, this mom from Copperas Cove, Texas indicated she purposely left her baby in the car, went into the nightclub and took alcohol shots. It was also stated that she struggled while the police officers were arresting her and how she used racial slurs in her attempt to degrade the cops. So they were forced to get her under control as she started to show violent tendencies.

Her mug shots show her tattoed face as she grins for the jail camera. The police also tested her blood alcohol levels. They found out that she was way too far over the legal limit to be allowed behind the wheel of a car. The breathalyzer test conducted by the Copperas Cove Police Department showed that her blood-alcohol level was at 0. 148.

In Texas, the legal limit should only be as low as 0. 08. This means that Vaughans has near twice the limit.

Vaughan had been driving her baby around while intoxicated and left unattended while she drank more at that nightclub. The police are worried that she is not fit to care for the baby. She was too careless and negligent. Other than that, using racial slurs against the police officers who only responded to the scene did not deserve that kind of treatment.

Even though Vaughan reeked of alcohol, she still denied to the police officers that she drank anything. But no matter how she tells her own story, the test results are saying something else. Now, she is facing charges not only for abandoning her child but also for endangering the infants’ life.

Becoming a parent comes with great responsibility, no matter how young or old you are. Living life while we are still young is alright, as long as we do not forget our duties and responsibilities as a mother or a father. Driving under the influence does not only put your life and your passengers’ life in danger but also you are threat to other motorists.

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