Michele Morrone: the statement on Instagram displaces everyone. Incredulous fans

Curated by Ludovica Ragonesi

Michele Morrone sheds light on his sentimental situation.

Many celebrities on social media often take the time to answer questions from their fans.

“Ask me a question” is the name of that moment of the stories live on Instagram in which our favorites answer the questions of the followers in full sincerity and honesty.

No filter in questions. Fans often ask for anything.

And so also the actor Michele Morrone opened that “transparent channel” with his admirers.

Among the many direct and frank questions that have come to him, many have focused above all on his love life.

Michele Morrone is one of the most fascinating actors currently in vogue not only in Italy but also (and above all) abroad.

The interpreter of the Netflix movie saga 365 Days and 365 Days-Now, he has stolen the hearts of many fans thanks to his statuesque body and dark gaze.

Thanks to the role he plays in films, the actor has risen fully to the Olympus of the sexiest actors of the moment.

In a recent interview, Michele Morrone had however declared that he did not feel like a Latin lover but that he was a passionate man.
Michele Morrone, the truth revealed live to his fans

Michele Morrone has been attributed several flirts.

The last, in chronological order, is the one with actress Anna-Maria SiekLucka, co-star of the films 365 Days.

The rumors about this alleged relationship were born not only from the numerous photos circulating on the net and which portray the two actors in tender and affectionate attitudes, but also from a last particular tattoo that Michele Morrone showed on his arm: it is the letters AMS. These initials immediately made us think of those of the actress Anna-Maria SiekLucka.

In reality it is Michele Morrone himself who reveals the true meaning of those initials: A stands for Angela, M for Margherita and S for Stefania, who are the three sisters of the beautiful actor.

To dispel any doubts about the current sentimental situation, another fan thinks about it, with a very direct question: “Are you engaged?” and Morrone replies: “Many stories are invented about me … it seems he can’t even have a friend. Anyway no, I’m not engaged! “.

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