Michele Morrone reveals the meaning of one of her tattoos

This one is linked to a tragic moment for the actor

The tattoo is obviously fashionable all over the world and your favorite stars are no exception to this trend. Indeed, celebrities have a lot of tattoos but it is often difficult to have the real meaning of these symbols.

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Michele Morrone, the star of the movie 365 DNI has a lot of tattoos, one of which has a particular symbolism. The actor loves tattoos, his whole body is covered, he has 19! Most are purely aesthetic, but on his right wrist he tattooed a date: 18.04.2003. It is simply the date of death of his father. Michel Morrone was only 12 years old. Today, the actor is 31 years old and it is a superb tribute to his father. He had already shared the info on Instagram and in the caption, it was written: “Thirteen years without you. Hi dad”

We hope that the actor will still share photos of his body to be able to admire all this! We are obviously talking about his tattoos of course, not the rest!

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