Michele Morrone on the AMS tattoo. However, this is not about Anna-Maria Sieklucka?

Some time ago, Michele Morrone got himself a tattoo. These are AMS – the first letters of the first and last name of Anna-Maria Sieklucka, with whom the Italian plays the main roles in the 365 days film series. The star revealed what his “tear” means.

The AMS tattoo of the movie Massimo caught the attention of fans and further fueled speculation about the relationship between the actor and Anna-Maria Sieklucka. The 31-year-old explained what is really hidden behind the letters AMS, which he has tattooed on his hand.
365 days: Michele Morrone on the AMS tattoo. Which means?

Angela-Margherita-Stefania – my sisters.

I never said what “AMS” meant. But I know people like to create stories that are unfortunately not true. “AMS” is a tattoo that I made dedicating to my sisters.

Angela, Margherita, Stefania.

There is no need to make false stories. (…)

Miki – Michele Morrone wrote on Instagram.

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365 days: This day – Netflix premiere

Let us remind you that the second part of the movie 365 days – This Day hit Netflix on April 27, 2022.





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