Michele Morrone denies the relationship with Elena D’Amario: “Stories invented, she is a friend”

Michele Morrone, on Instagram, denied being engaged. The actor has made it clear that if one day there should be a woman he considers important, he will be the first to announce it publicly.

Michele Morrone is engaged to Elena D’Amario? Apparently not. In recent days, photos have circulated that portrayed the 365-day-old actor as he took a walk with the dancer and former student of Amici’s school. Morrone had also posted a photo of him with her in Instagram Stories. So rumors of a flashback began to circulate persistently. In these hours the denial of the person concerned has arrived.
Michele Morrone denies the relationship with Elena D’Amario

Michele Morrone allowed users who follow him on Instagram to ask him questions. So, someone asked him: “Do you have a girlfriend?”. The actor’s response left no room for doubt:

“I notice that people like to make up stories. It seems I can’t even have a friend. No, I don’t have a girlfriend. In case, I’ll let you know.”

Michele Morrone, therefore, denied the relationship with Elena D’Amario. A few days ago he had also specified that he was not romantically linked to actress Anna-Maria Sieklucka. The initials AMS, which Morrone tattooed on his wrist and which many considered a tribute to his colleague, are actually those of the names of the sisters Angela, Margherita and Stefania.
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It was 2019 when Michele Morrone was paparazzi for the first time with Elena D’Amario. On that occasion, the actor decided to intervene via a video in the Instagram Stories to make an important clarification about the relationship with Rouba Saadeh, ex wife of the actor and mother of Marcus and Brando:

“Good morning everyone. This morning a newspaper article came out. I am surprised with a person I care so much. I have to safeguard the image of my ex-wife. Rouba and I are no longer together and I don’t want her to pass away as a betrayed person. and me as a brainless traitor. We have two children and usually the newspapers and paparazzi don’t take them into account. ”

Three years after those photos, it seems that a beautiful friendship has remained between Michele Morrone and Elena D’Amario.

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