Michele Morrone (365 days): the actor worries his subscribers a lot

Michel Morrone: the actor of 365 days has caused great concern among his fan community in recent days because of a rather strange video. We explain why.
A video that challenges

Michel Morrone has become a real sex symbol since the movie 365. And he revealed the reasons for his celibacy to RadioZet. “I don’t have time for love. I tried to have a relationship as soon as I finished shooting the film, but I wasn’t ready…I wasn’t ready and I didn’t have time. I don’t know, maybe tomorrow or in a week, I’ll be at the bar, I’ll smoke my cigarette and watch her. She will be so ‘wow’ and I will fall in love. I do not know. It’s something that has to flow, you can’t make plans. »

But the actor wanted to warn his community against a dangerous impostor. “There is this person who pretends to be me and asks for private photos, to catch girls… Do not send any kind of intimate photos, because this is serious. It’s not a joke, they can blackmail you… They can ask you for money not to publish the photos online. ” he added.
Michel Morrone worries the Web

On his Instagram account, Michel Morrone posted a mysterious video… In this sequence, we can see him smoking a cigarette in the air elsewhere, alone at night. In the background, you can hear rock music. But what particularly challenged internet users was the caption: “Inside me. So this video quickly went around the web, raising a lot of questions and concern. And this, especially since the actor has recently undergone emergency surgery.

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