Lucifer: 10 Best Behind-The-Scenes Photos On Set

Netflix’s Lucifer has enthralled fans with its catchy comedy, fantastic characters, and crime-solving. Not to mention the storyline involves celestial beings and the devil. Lucifer Morningstar that is


Besides the storyline, fans have come to love the show’s cast. Tom Ellis has embodied the role of Lucifer and Lauren German makes for a great Detective Decker. Just as great is the cast on-screen, they also have their fair share of epic behind-the-scenes images. What better way to get to know the cast and what life is like on-set than with these comical and awesome images that would make fans squeal in glee.

On The Mark

Tom Ellis’s Instagram is chock full of images on-set that give away a bit of the on-screen magic. He posted a shot from season four, episode two where he protects Chloe from harm and an oncoming sharp object. The image shows Ellis casually holding a fake ax between his arm and chest.

He comically captioned the image that the staff really wanted to make sure they hit the mark. Thankfully, both in the show and real life, the ax only managed to ruin one of his best and custom suits.

Season 4 Sweet Treat

Lucifer was approved by Netlfix to get a fifth season after fans rallied behind the show after it was announced it would technically be canceled. While shooting went underway, the cast wasn’t exactly sure when the season would premiere. D.B. Woodside, who plays the angel Amenadiel, made a point of this on Instagram.

But to hold fans off until the release, he shared an awesome behind-the-scenes shot. This particular scene is from episode seven of the fourth season. It was an emotional one just as it was intense. Remy (Vinessa Vidotto) is tasked with taking Amendiel’s son to heaven. Smendialed would do anything for his son, even fight his family.

Yes, She Was Pregnant

To many fans shock, Lesley Ann Brandt or Mazikeen was pregnant during the filming of season two. She shared some images and a video on Instagram of scenes where she was pregnant with another child. Not only does she play the badass Mazikeen but she is also an epic mother.

In Mazikeen’s jaw-dropping fight scene in episode 10 in season two, as well as her bloody fight with Lucifer in episode 17, Brandt was pregnant. She captioned that she often tired on set but growing her child was also her number one job.

Dan Loves Pudding

Fans of the show know that Dan has a vice to delicious and smooth pudding. The actor who plays Dan, Kevin Alejandro reposted a cute shot of him on set with his true love. It isn’t the old run-of-the-mill pudding but what seems like protein pudding based on the label.

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It’s a running gag on the show that Lucifer likes to torment Dan by eating or stealing his pudding. Lucifer doesn’t even care if the pudding is labeled, if it’s there he’ll steal it. The image shows Dan or Alejandro enjoying the real pudding with gusto.

A Photobomb Never Hurt Anyone

The cast of Lucifer likes to have their fun on set and that includes taking some comical photos or photobombs. Aimee Garcia, who plays Ella, is just as cooky and charismatic as she is her character. While Woodside and Brandt pose for a photo op while filming, Garcia had a bright idea.

What better way to capture memorable moments than with an impromptu photobomb. Garcia and Woodside wanted to make the photo worth a laugh while Brandt decided to stay in character with a cool stare. The image is from a scene in season two, “Trip To Stabby Town.”

 The Talent Behind The Fight Scenes

Lucifer’s set costumer, Josh Style’s shared a great behind-the-scenes photo of not only the main actors but their stunt doubles. While the main cast does practice a do a number of their own stunts, they bring in the big guns for the heavy combat scenes.

The photo brings together the stunt doubles that worked on the epic fight scene between Mazikeen, Amenadiel, Lucifer and Michael. It occurred in the last episode of the first half of the fifth season. Style gives praise to Vlad Rimburg and his team who choreograph and bring together fight scenes that have fans watching every second.

Lucifer Kisses Pierce

In season three, there’s a new character at play going after Chloe’s heart. That’s the biblical character of Cain or in the real world, Pierce. The character is played by Smallville actor Tom Welling. He was once superman but is now playing the man who is immortal and cursed to walk the Earth forever.

A wide-eyed moment occurred in episode 13, where Lucifer and Pierce have to restore their cover. Lucifer has a daring idea. He kisses Pierce with passion. The scene doesn’t show the kiss close up for too long. Thankfully Rachel Harris gave fans an up-close shot on-set. Harris plays the role of Dr.Linda Martin. The image shows that Pierce was definitely caught off guard.

How The Magic Happens

Well, Tom Ellis isn’t actually the Devil which means he doesn’t have the ability to fly. Thankfully with some modern technological magic, they can make it seem like he can. The show writer and co-executive, Chris Rafferty shared a fun look at Ellis working some green screen.

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For episode 15 of the third season, Lucifer is having some issues when regarding is wings and Chloe discovering the truth. He has a frightful dream of not being able to control his wings that causes Chloe to go over the balcony. Lucifer leaps to her aid but his wings pull him back. This behind-the-scenes shot shows fans exactly how that scene was created.

Taking A Break For Some Photos

Chris Rafferty graced fans with other behind-the-scenes images that had fans dying of laughter. The first one is comedy gold as Rafferty pretends to struggle to hold Brandt’s leg while holding his breath. Tom Ellis saw a golden opportunity. He blew a puff of smoke in between her legs to mimic what one could assume is flatulence.

The following images are more serious. It’s Rafferty, Brandt and Ellis on set but this time Ellis plays his other alter ego, Michael. He also took a fun photo of him, Ellis and Alejandro.

God Is In The House

Tom Ellis reposted a photo from Josh Style’s Instagram. The image holds a major spoiler for the fifth season. It seems as though off-camera, God and his son Lucifer really do get along. The often recognized actor, Dennis Haysbert plays the role of God.

Fans have gone through a whirlwind over the past five seasons with Lucifer’s evolving character and his anger towards his father. It had fans questioning if a physical form would ever appear. What better person to bring the character to life than Haysbert. The photo shows, the two actors going over their lines before the next scene. Ellis makes the joke that it seems as though God is telling him what to do…again.

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