Jennifer Lopez’s Magical Metamorphosis: She Went From A Girl Next Door to A Glamorous Icon

Jennifer Lopez has risen to iconic status in the entertainment industry with her mesmerizing talent, captivating performances, and unparalleled work ethic. From her chart-topping music hits to starring in blockbuster films and establishing herself as a fashion trendsetter, Lopez has left an indelible mark on popular culture.

Her arresting beauty makes her one of the entertainment industry’s most successful and sought-after celebs. Over a few decades, we’re still captivated by her beauty. To celebrate the icon, let’s take a look back at her most memorable beauty looks.

#1. Preston High School, 1987

Source: Getty Images

#2. Mi Vida Loca / My Crazy Life Premiere, 1994

#3. National Association of Theater Owners Convention, 1996

#4. Anaconda Westwood Premiere, 1997

#5. 55th Annual Golden Globe Awards, 1998

#6. The 41st Annual GRAMMY Awards, 1999

#7. The 42nd Annual Grammy Awards, 2000

#8. The MTV Video Music Awards, 2001

Source: Getty Images

#9. 74th Academy Awards, 2002

#10. 75th Academy Awards, 2003

#11. 61st Golden Globe Awards, 2004

#12. Billboard Latin Music Awards, 2005

#13. Shrine Auditorium, 2006

#14. 79th Annual Academy Awards, 2007

Source: Getty Images

#15. Tokyo event, 2009

Source: Getty Images

#16. FOX Searchlight Golden Globes Party, 2011

#17. Golden Globes Awards, 2013

Source: Getty Images

#18. American Music Awards, 2014

Source: Getty Images

#19. Billboard Latin Music Award, 2018

Source: Getty Images

#20. Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2019

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