Jennifer Lopez’s impressive outfit and passionate kiss with Ben Affleck at ‘The Flash’ premiere

Jennifer Lopez drew all the attention with her latest wardrobe choice, reaffirming her status as the queen of the red carpet at ‘The Flash’ premiere.

For this occasion, Jennifer Lopez opted for a stunning Gucci outfit, posing in an extra-long skirt and a bodice with a high neck and a zipper down the middle.

Her partner, Ben Affleck, who reprised his role as Batman in ‘The Flash’, joined Lopez and was dressed in an all-black suit for the event held at the Ovation Hollywood complex in Los Angeles.

“You know what? That movie’s good. That movie’s really good,” Affleck said back in April.

made it a point to show her unwavering support for her partner, and they posed together on the red carpet with immense affection.

The couple openly displayed their love by sharing a gentle kiss while embracing each other with their arms intertwined.

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