Jennifer Lopez Just Revealed Everything in Her JLo Beauty Line

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It takes a certain level of fame and self-regard to not only create a skin-care line based on your visage but also name a serum after the gleam your skin gives off. But if there’s any person who’s earned that right, it’s Jennifer Lopez.

This morning she finally unveiled the first products from her new beauty line, JLo Beauty. And sorry if you were hoping for more body glitter, but unlike the copious other celebrity brands these days, the 51-year-old icon skipped right over bronzer and foundation and went straight to the source of her glow: skin care. Also, yes, she really did name the brand’s star product, a $79 lifting and brightening serum, That JLo Glow. Which you probably already want to buy now, right?

“This has been something I’ve been thinking about for maybe the past 20 years,” the singer told beauty editors over Zoom ahead of the launch. “I was just, like, I have to do skin care because the number one question, no matter where I went—if I was filming a movie, music, or whatever—was, What are you doing for your skin? And as I got more mature, the question came even more frequently.”

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