Jennifer Lopez caught visiting Ben Affleck’s ex-wife

Jennifer Lopez was photographed visiting Jennifer Garner last weekend when she was seen driving her 15-year-old daughter Emme to her house while donning a stylish and sporty ensemble and a pair of black glasses.

Even though it hasn’t been reported that Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner are at odds, many of their fans have stated that they get along well. It appears that Jennifer Lopez was accompanying her daughter Emme to Jennifer Garner’s house. The reason for this unannounced visit is unknown.

Jennifer LopezThe appearance that Jennifer Lopez was sporting, however, also drew the eye of the journalists who recorded the event since it reminded them too much of Ben Affleck’s ex- wife, Jennifer Garner. She was dressed in all-black, with thick-framed black glasses, black fitted slacks, and a white tank top.

Similar to Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner was pictured in 2022 wearing black leggings, a plain white t-shirt, and of course, a pair of black-rimmed spectacles.

Given that Garner and Ben Affleck share three children—Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel,—the true reason for Jennifer Lopez’s visit to Garner is still unknown. On the other hand, Lopez is the mother of twins Emme and Max Muniz, whom she had with her ex- husband Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez

Therefore, unless it is solely out of self-interest on the part of both ladies, they would have no responsibility or motive to visit each other. Jennifer Garner might occasionally accompany the couple as they go shopping in the future, though Page Six claims that both Jens are on the same page.

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