Jennifer Lopez and her sexy cover of Vogue Mexico

Jennifer Lopez is the star of the cover of the new edition of Vogue Mexico, which is the magazine’s most successful edition in Latin America, where the artist talks about her career and everything she has been through to get to where she is today.

“I remember when I started, it was me and then Ricky Martin and Shakira, breaking into the English market, and what a great thing that was,” JLo explained. “It gave us a lot of exposure that continues to this day. To see and hear that Spanish music is a global success, it’s exciting. I think we’re in a really good place right now.

“In the beginning, I was only getting roles where I had an accent. And then we changed little by little because I stuck to my guns,” JLo explained.

On the cover, JLo wears a sexy and daring black bodysuit with a black jacket and military boots.

The star was dressed by Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, while hair and make-up were done by Ash K Holm and Lorenzo Martin.

JLo would take Ben Affleck to a desert island

There are few occasions when the singer gives interviews in Spanish, but during a magazine video on her social media, JLo talked about the items she would take with her to a desert island, and she didn’t pass the opportunity to mention her husband, Ben Affleck.

“If I went to a desert island I would take in my bag music, gum, something to eat; if I could put anything in my bag to take with me every day it would be my husband, but he wouldn’t like that,” Jennifer Lopez joked as she laughed about her comment. “He’s very big and he wouldn’t like that one little bit.

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