Jennifer Lopez – 3 Fun Facts you Didn’t Know About JLO !

Menu Search Search CELEBRITY Posted Feb 15, 2020 2 Jennifer Lopez – 3 Fun Facts you Didn’t Know About the Star Joanna Zambas Having been in the spotlight for over a decade, we’ve grown to love everything about J.Lo. From her incredible dance moves, awesome acting skills, and killer vocal to her warm and open personality.

Through her honesty and sincerity, we’ve discovered many intimate details about the popular star. From J.Lo’s failed marriages, heartbreak and devastation, the big bootied diva has shown true strength and always risen on top. Her courage and strength is something she’s always bared on her sleeve. Yet, here are a few Jennifer Lopez facts you might have not known about the Latina until now… 1. She was a Backup Dancer for Janet JacksonWhen she was trying to make it as a dancer, J.Lo found herself a great gig as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson and even appeared in her video for That’s The Way Love Goes. Janet loved her dancing skills so much that she wanted Jennifer to tour with her, but J.Lo pulled out, determined that she would make it on her own.

She definitely wasn’t wrong there! 2. Jennifer Founded Her Own Production CompanyHaving true entrepreneurial spirit from the get-go, the superstar decided to create her own production company called ‘Nuyorican Productions’, with manager, Benny Medina. As anything she sets her hands on, the company was a success and since 2000, Nuyorican has produced seven films (that she also starred in) including The Second Act, Bye Bye Birdie (the live-action remake), and the most recent film, Hustlers. 3. She Loves a Bit of Reality-TVYou might have thought that J.Lo winds down with a captivating documentary, but the truth is that she just enjoys a bit of reality TV. Believe it or not, her favorite show is actually Mob Wives. Although, she’s not one that shies away from the camera herself, having been a judge on the panel of American Idol and World of Dance.

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