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Lucifer Netflix show is a hit and we cannot wait to see more of it! Craving to binge on Lucifer funny moments or miss Lucifer and Chloe on-screen chemistry! Ossam Movies got you covered! Check this video to learn more about mysterious Lucifer behind the scenes world unveiled by none other than the VFX and CGI creators of the series. Always wondered what is the most expensive part of the whole post-production? How much worth was Lucifer devil face? Why did the production crew have to sacrifice wings Amenadiel had? You thought it was a simple coincidence the character shed his wings so easily? The answer to that is very simple – the effects applied to make these wings are extremely expensive! The VFX team had to keep only one character with wings after all – which were the most expensive part of the post-production and the most resourceful to create! Several people were working on 16 feather textures to make Lucifer look like a true angel! You will be as much impressed by the Lucifer best moments which include Kevin Alejandro being lifted by Tom Ellis! Lauren German would be jealous! After Lucifer season 4 ending we can’t wait for a return of our favourite character in Lucifer season 5! Stay tuned to see Lucifer best scenes and as always stay OSSA’m! #Lucifer #ossa_movies #CGI Welcome to Ossa Movies – your handy source of cinematic easter eggs and movie critics. Are you in love with Stranger Things? We are obsessed with them too! We also have you covered on greatest Disney and Netflix projects. We know what you’ve been looking for! Of course, we have Top 10 details you missed in Avengers Endgame or Top 5 comedy moments from your favorite series! Are you ready for a heartbreaking tv clip? “cause we have them too!

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