Here’s The Bridge That’s So Scary To Go Over, It Gives Drivers Panic Attacks (video)

Everywhere in the world, there is most likely a stretch of road that everyone in the area finds infamously scare, some roads are perched precariously at the edge of a cliffed hill, others are just too narrow for two cars to conveniently pass through safely and in some cases, the road is just too curvy. which means it takes a careful driver to drive through.

Some roads have a combination of so many factors that make driving through them particularly difficult. But no matter the case in your area, we doubt if you have seen any road that comes anything close to this bridge.

Famously known as the “Roller Coaster bridge” because of the unusual way it was constructed, the Eshima Ohashi bridge located in Sakaiminato Japan was constructed that was because the river over which it is built has a busy stream of boat traffic. To keep ensure that the two modes of transportation do not affect each other, the build has to be made tall so as to allow even the largest boats in to pass underneath it.

The unusual piece of engineering feat is designed in such a way that drivers while have to ascend an extremely steep hill before making a terrifying descent down on the other side of this hill. It’s almost as if the bridge is broken in half and you are ascending and descending on either side of the half.

A mere look at it in the picture will make your stomach drops, it’s hard to imagine how being in a car across It will be.

Despite the terrifying appearance of this bridge in the pictures, it still looks quite beautiful. The ingenious engineering structure has a maximum slope of 6.1 percent. This means for every 100 feet horizontal distance covered, you rise a vertical height of 6.1 feet.

The local government says there is nothing to be scared of about this bridge and it is completely safe for all drivers. As incredible as that sounds it is absolutely true. From records, not a single accident has so far occurred on the bridge which also serves a dual function as a tourist attraction.

In fact, the “roller coaster bridge” is among the top 24 tourist attractions in the city and people from all over the world visit the bridge to drive over it. it’s a thrilling experience, very much like a roller coaster but maybe not as scary anyways.

But records or not, not everyone is fully confident about the safety of this bridge. The has been a big debate on the internet about trying out a drive on this bride, while some people are eager and even claim they would willingly make a trip to Japan just for the experience, others say they wouldn’t dare to try it out even if they are resident in the city.

No matter the side of the divide you fall into, merely watching the cars as they drive over this steep bridge on video alone is enough of a thrilling experience. One can imagine how it will be to be the one driving over it. you mind find the idea scary but it is also equally exciting as well.

What do you think about the Rollercoaster bridge. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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