Cote De Pablo’s Complete Transformation

Chilean-born actress Cote de Pablo has been winning fans over for many years as Ziva David on the long-running series NCIS. Because of her extensive involvement in the show, many of us are unaware of how she’s grown over the years and how she’s used her fame to help make the world a better place. From her time spent studying musical theater at Carnegie Mellon to her activism on behalf of homelessness, let’s take a look at Cote de Pablo’s complete transformation. #CotedePablo #NCIS #Activist Childhood in Chile | 0:00 Following Her Mother’s Footsteps | 1:02 Musical Theater at Carnegie Mellon | 1:53 Almost on Broadway | 2:46 Breakout Role on NCIS | 3:40 Skilled Stuntwoman | 4:55 Singing on NCIS | 6:04 Pursuing Other Projects | 6:48 Returning Home | 8:06 Bringing Attention to Important Issues | 9:13 What’s Next? | 10:11 Read full article:

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