Can You Find The Woman’s Leg Sitting In The Middle In This Photo

There are plenty of brain teasers and optical illusions that we can find online. There are plenty of optical illusion photos shared online that made a fuzz over the internet. And a lot of people love this kind of challenge because it keeps their mind working.

And if you are one of those who love to solve this kind of puzzles, then there is no doubt that you will love this brain teaser that everyone has been talking about online. If you have already seen this photo, for sure you also had a hard time finding the answers to the puzzle.

This is a viral photo that garnered a lot of online attention. However, when the picture was taken, it was not an intention to make it go viral. Reddit made this image so popular that people from all over the world were very curious and got interested to solve this puzzle.

This archived shot was posted to the site. It showed a group of six women sitting on a couch. It looks like an ordinary photo but people noticed something unusual. There are six women in the photo but only five pairs of legs.

If you try to look closely at the picture, you will notice that it’s as if the third woman from the left has no legs at all!

Some of you may be thinking that maybe one of them really doesn’t have legs. But that is not the case. Each one of them has complete legs. The fact is, this is an optical illusion.

The shot was MEANT to be a brain teaser to those who see it. And yes, it just happened to be a perfectly timed photo. And this made people wonder what happened to the one pair of legs.

You probably have an idea by now why that pair of legs is missing. But why can’t you easily spot them?

After this puzzling image of the Appleton, Wisconsin girls was posted on Reddit, there was no doubt why this became an instantly viral photo. Confused users started talking about it and shared their thoughts on the comment section. Some have vague ideas of where the legs may be hiding. But there were very few of them who were able to crack the secret behind this photo.

Later on, a lot of Redditors tried to manipulate the image to find out where the pair of legs is hiding. Some would increase the brightness and others started doodling over the women’s body shapes to find the answers. Yes, plenty were able to make it seem like they got the answers but others did not agree.

After this photo went viral, the group was able to get an interview with Fox & Friends. And during the interview, these girls recreated the infamous photo for the hosts and for the audience. And even after they arranged themselves on the same couch, wearing the same clothes as it was originally taken, the results are still the same. One pair of legs is still missing!

Now that is definitely a true brain teaser!

Find the middle girls legs😳 from r/pics

What do you think about the photo? For sure you were also puzzled about how difficult this type of optical illusion to solve. Were you able to find the woman’s legs before and after watching the viral video?

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