Building a house from pallets. Big movie. Start to finish

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Hello, my friend!
Honestly, I myself have been waiting for this big issue about the pallet house for a long time.
Video that makes you feel like you’re watching a movie
I hope you like it!)

All the best to you)

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In the open air I build a house from a stone log. Solo bushcraft with a dog on the mountain. He built a house for himself and spent the night. Bushcraft camp or as a lodge. A tree house or rather under a tree on a mountain. Living in the forest with your dog. Bushcraft do it yourself. Construction of a tree house in the forest from start to finish. Solo house building. Overnight in your house all alone. No talking. Camping. DIY house with logs and stone like me. Do it yourself. Woodworking. Forest, Forest Next to the fire. Forest Craft. Forest Badger. Forest Offline. One. Natural creation. Camp cooking. Offline. Shelter. Camping vacation. Bushcraft in the forest. Bushcraft skills. Bushcraft shelter. Bushcraft camping. Bushcraft cooking. Camp. Bushcraft hike. Outdoors, cabin. Assembly

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