Brendan Fraser Emotional After Fans Are Thanking Him For An Amazing Childhood

Brendan Fraser Emotional After Fans Are Thanking Him For An Amazing Childhood

As celebrities, it’s pretty hard to live life when you are always in the public eye. Some would be more than willing to trade fame and money just to be able to live a normal life. But that does not always happen. Even though they try to stay out of the spotlight, paparazzis will always find a way to find them and continue to document their lives.

When regular people meet celebrities, they can be left feeling a little disappointed. They expect their favorite actors to always be friendly and pleasant with their fans. Celebrities’ lives are like an open book. They are idolized by millions of people from all around the world, but we have to remember that they too are just people, like you and me.

They have feelings and emotions too. They try to live as normally as possible, but that isn’t always easy.

The fact that there are stories about which celebrities are friendly to fans and which celebrities are not means that there is no way to predict if the one you meet accidentally will even smile your way. In other cases, people are pleasantly surprised by how friendly some celebrities are when they have the opportunity to meet them.

Imani had the chance to meet a celebrity that she adores so much. And surprisingly, this celebrity did not disappoint. She shared on TikTok this once-in-a-lifetime experience. She said:

“Everyone always says to never meet your heroes, I met mine and we almost burst into tears talking to each other.”

The hero that she’s referring to is Tarzan himself, Brendan Fraser!

She met him for a photo opportunity and grabbed the chance to express her gratitude to him. In her TikTok video, she appears to be at the photo session in which she is joined by one of her friends. Brendan is autographing a funko of himself. What she did not expect was for her things to get emotional between her and her hero.

Brendan and Imani shared something in common – people are always mispronouncing their names!

That is why Imani was surprised that Brendan said her name correctly. Brendan responded, “A lifetime of people mispronouncing my name. I know what it feels like.”

Then Imani’s friend asked, “Did you get Brandon all your life?” And Brendan just rolled his eyes and nodded his head yes.

Imani then took the opportunity to thank Brendan for signing her Funko. She said, “thank you so, so, so much.”

In the video Imani’s friend can be heard thanking Brendon for something else, something that got all of them emotional. The friend said, “Thank you for making my childhood awesome.”

Imani added, “And mine too. You’ve been so nice.”

To make the experience more special, each of them received a fist bump from Brendon.

Imani’s video on TikTok already has close to 500,000 likes and over 8000 comments just days after she posted it. The video is also flooded in the comments section, most of them are saying things like, “I hope he knows just how loved he is.”

Brendan Fraser is known for his rippling abs and luscious locks in the 1997 comedy adventure Tarzan. He also impressed the audiences in The Mummy trilogy, playing adventurer and lead role Rick O’Connell.

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