Best Steamy Movies on Netflix Like ‘The Next 365 Days’

There’s no question that Netflix’s 365 Days trilogy delivers on both steamy sex scenes and ethically ambiguous (and also completely ridiculous) plot points. The first film in the trilogy revolves around the Sicilian mobster Massimo (Michele Morrone) as he kidnaps a Polish woman named Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and imprisons her for 365 days in order to make her fall in love with him. In the second and third films, the two get married, we realize Massimo has an evil twin, and then there’s an illicit affair between Laura and her hot gardener, Nacho (Simone Sussina). For every minute of story that pushes the films along, there are probably three minutes of wildly adventurous, sometimes rough, generally captivating sex. So once you’re done with the latest installment of the films, The Next 365 Days, what should you watch to scratch that sexy itch? There are plenty more steamy, sexy movies to choose from. (Maybe I could have picked a better turn of phrase than “scratch that sexy itch”? Nah, I’m keeping it in!)

If you want sexy movies that also involve a dash of crime, the erotic thriller Lang Tong or the Japanese road trip/murder adventure Ride or Die might hit the spot. If you want to see more sexy young couples trying to navigate new relationships, the Spanish film Amar and the online dating app romance Newness are also excellent choices. Here’s our list of the best steamy movies that Netflix has to offer.

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