Airline Refuses To Let Dad Board Plane With Baby. Then Elderly Woman Whispers ‘You’re Coming With Me’

Yet another reason for you to be kind to strangers that you meet.

On April of 2018, Robin Swift was on his way to Phoenix from Cleveland. He was on his way to meet his newborn daughter for the first time and bring her home to him.

He had actually just been granted custody of his daughter- a girl named Ru-Andria- by the court, and nothing could contain the level of excitement that he felt as he was on his way to her and bring her back to his home in Ohio.

He eventually got to Phoenix, and he was allowed to take his girl with him.

As soon as the joyous new father left the hospital in Phoenix with his daughter- who, by the way, had only been in this world for four days- he took her straight to the airport and prepared for their flight back. Rubin went to the ticket counter and provided a note from the doctor of the hospital where Ru-Andria was being taken care of that indicated that Ru-Andria was actually fit to take on the rigors of inter-state air travel.

However, none of that really mattered as the ticket officer informed Rubin that it wasn’t going to be possible for him and his newborn baby to board the plane on that day.

Shocked and in utter disbelief, all Rubin could do was just stand there and listen as the ticket officer explained to him that it wasn’t going to be possible to fly home. According to the officer, there is a policy at the airline that restricts babes who have not attained the age of “seven days” from participating in any form of air travel, regardless of how short.

So what on Earth was he going to do now? Was he going to wait for three more days for his daughter to attain the minimum age to be eligible to fly on this air line? Was he going to look for another airline to board? Was he going to look for another route to get back to Ohio with his girl? He was definitely confused.

To make matters worse, Rubin did not have a single family member or friend who lived in Phoenix. Basically, this means that he was about to get stranded in a strange town with a newborn baby, and with nowhere to go and no single person to turn to… for at least the next three days!

Then suddenly, a face made its way into the troubled mind of Rubin. While he was still at the hospital on the day that he first met is daughter, he remembered that he went into the maternity ward and saw an elderly woman. She was a hospital volunteer whose name was Joy, and Rubin remembered seeing her hold Ru-Andria.

Although he only conversed with Joy for a few minutes, he was convinced that the woman was nurturing and very kind.

Rubin got Joy’s phone number. He wasn’t even sure if she was going to remember him (or his daughter), but considering the fact that he had a newborn baby in his arms and he wasn’t presented with a bevy of options, he took a chance and gave the elderly woman a call.

What ensued was an act of kindness that lasted just three days, but which went viral and inspired millions of people all over the world.

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