A blind guy walks into a lesbian bar

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But everyone’s cool about it and he’s served his drink.

Then, after a few minutes he says, “Hey, bartender; wanna hear a blonde joke?”

The place goes dead still.

Finally the bartender says, “Look, mister, I know you’re visually challenged and all; I’m gonna cut you some slack. But there’s a few things you should know.

“Sitting next to you, on your right, there’s an off-duty cop. She’s armed, and she’s a blonde. On your left you got a martial arts expert with black belts in seven different disciplines. She’s a blonde. At the table behind you, two sisters: a professional wrestling team. Both are blondes. And me, I got a .357 Magnum under the counter. I’m licensed, trained, and it’s loaded. And, you guessed it: I’m a blonde.

“So I want you to choose your words carefully before you answer this question: do you still want to tell that blonde joke?”

“Aw hell no. Not if I have to explain it five times!”

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