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Copyright means the protection of all works that are intellectual creativity in the fields of music, opera, paper, print, cinema and television, photography, figurative and plastic arts, fashion, software, video games and databases. My work in Copyright is about: – Protection of creative works from their development up to distribution; – Intellectual Property Protection Agreement; – Agreement and review of contracts in the field of copyright; – Protection of the right to name and imaging; – Authorization for copyrights. Access to the Internet guarantees the ability of every person to access the internet in the online reality, his rights (starting from freedom of expression in private economic initiative and so on, and their fundamental freedoms), attributing responsibility to providing access, state. The state is the one who has to guarantee the ability to connect to the internet world, without restricting access to the internet. My job in Internet Law is about: • the contract for the maintenance of hardware and software • General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Web Site • Software license agreement • Privacy Contract