5-Year-Old Saves Mom From Drowning When She Spots Her Having A Seizure

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Parents have the responsibility to protect their children. Even before the child is born, you protect them. And when they arrive in this world, parents still protect them no matter how young or old they are. That simply what being a parent is all about. It comes naturally for every mom and dad.

However, there are times that these roles are reversed. And this is what happened to Tracy Anderwald and her daughter, Allison.

One day, Allison found her mom in a life-threatening situation. This all started when Tracy and Allison were enjoying their time together at Tracy’s sister’s house. They were just hanging out by the swimming pool when Tracy suddenly had a seizure. Right in the middle of the pool, she blacked out. She fell face-first into the water. And in that situation, she was going to drown if nobody comes to help her.

And right when all these happened, Allison was quick to jump in and help her mother. Allison is only 5-years-old but she knew what she had to do. Some kids would have panicked when put in a similar situation. They can get stressed out and would not know, or forget what to do.

But Allison is definitely a smart little girl. She remained calm even when mom was not responding. So she started swimming over to her and used all of her strength to push Tracy to the shallow part of the pool.

Once she knew that they are in the safe depth, she flipped her mom’s body over so that her face would be facing upwards. Allison then ran into the house to ask for help.

Luckily, Tedra Hunt, one of Allison’s aunts was there and she was the one who called 911. She then ran to the pool to check on her sister. And it didn’t take long for emergency services to arrive. Tracy was then taken to the CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi-Memorial located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

When she got her consciousness back and woke up in a hospital bed, Tracy could barely remember what happened. But when she learned that it was her 5-year-old daughter who saved her life, she was amazed. The family has a security camera footage and Tracy was able to see what an amazing rescuer her daughter was that day.

During an interview with ABC, Tedra shared, “The doctors explained to us that had Tracy been underwater any longer, she probably wouldn’t be with us right now. It is truly amazing that this little girl, who’s actually also pretty small for her age, was able to save my sister.

” She added, “The doctors were worried that Tracy might have brain damage or might not even make a full recovery, but thanks to Allison’s quick-thinking and life-saving actions, her mom was able to leave the hospital without any issues shortly after the ordeal. ”

For a 5-year-old to save another person’s life was simply incredible. Thankfully, Allison learned how to swim at a very young age. The family is hoping that their story would inspire others too. What happened to Tracy and Allison is living proof of why it is very important to teach children how to swim, no matter how young or old they are.

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