39-Year-Old Woman Has 38 Children

39-Year-Old Woman Has 38 Children

It’s Time for The World To Meet The Superwoman With 38 Children!

We all believe that children are blessings. If you are blessed with a child even if you have not planned him or her yet, then that is a gift that you should accept with open arms. It is typical for a family to have 5 or 6 children. In fact, they already consider themselves having a ‘big’ family with that number. But what if you have more? Like 38 children in total?

Mariam Nabatanzi has a larger family than many of us have. This 39-year-old mother has a total of 38 children!

That means that she has one child for almost every year of her life. Is that even possible? Although Mariam gave birth fifteen times, she has an alarmingly high number of small children. You might wonder how she ended up having this many children.

Well, Mariam’s kids include six sets of twins, four sets of triplets, and five sets of quadruplets. Unfortunately, six of her children passed away since birth. The reason for her multiple births is simple but extremely rare – Mariam has larger-than-average ovaries.

The number of eggs that she produces surpasses any average that anyone has ever seen in the medical community. With this huge family, you would think that her husband would stay with her through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. But Marian doesn’t have that happy-ever-after with her spouse.

He left her three years ago, forcing her to raise all of their children by herself!

When Mariam turned 12-years-old, she had been married off. One year later, she gave birth to twins. After the twins, her doctor told her that she had abnormally large ovaries. She wanted to use birth control but her doctor forbids her because she might have health problems because of that. Since they do not have access to other birth control forms like condoms, she kept on having children.

Since then, she gave birth to more and more kids. When her husband left her, life got harder for her and her kids. But this Ugandan woman is not showing any signs of giving up. She might be experiencing emotional issues, but she keeps a strong face for her children. Still, she needed her husband’s support because they have too many children to take care of.

Her last pregnancy was 2 ½ years ago. That pregnancy had complications but that ended up being the sixth set of her twins. Because of the complication, one of them died in childbirth. This was also her sixth child to die prematurely.

After this tragic loss, her husband left and never came back for her and their kids.

Mariam is lucky because some of her kids have already reached adulthood. They no longer need the same level of attention and care as their younger siblings do. All of them are living in four small houses that are made of cement blocks. The village that she lives in is surrounded by large fields of coffee. Her village is about 30 miles north of the city of Kampala.

Africa is home to some of the largest family sizes worldwide. In Uganda, the average woman has a fertility rate of 5.6 children. That is more than double the world’s average which is only 2.4 children per woman.

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