365 Days This Day trailer: Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka return with an equally steamy sequel

Fans of 365 Days have a reason to celebrate now as Netflix has just dropped the official trailer of 365 Days: This Day, the sequel to Michele Morrone’s and Anna-Maria Sieklucka’s 2020 erotic drama. The film was a tremendous success and made both the leads extremely popular. The original story revolved around a woman named Laura (played by Anna), who gets imprisoned for a year by a Sicilian gangster named Massimo, played by Michele.

The sequel, 365 Days: This Day takes off where the series left off with Laura and Massimo trying to build a real relationship as they get married. However, things are not as rosy as they seem as this time the tables are turned. The couple is faced with threats from Massimo’s gangster family as well as a mysterious man in Laura’s life who is out to get her affections.


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