Film stars are often quite conscious of how they look on camera. In fact, most stars have strict workout regimes and diets to maintain their weight and health. There are quite a few handsome and hunky stars in the film industry that can steal your breath away with their gorgeous Instagram feeds alone! And Michele Morrone seems to be one of these stars.

‘365 Days’ fame, Michele Marrone is quite the popular star. He definitely has the looks for his job! The Italian actor, model, singer, and fashion designer has made an appearance in both Italian as well as polish skills. The actor’s fame skyrocketed after he played the role of Massimo Torricelli in the romantic drama, 365 Days.

The star has quite an attractive Instagram feed too. You can clearly see that he is quite the fashion icon by the photos that he has posted on his Insta and other socials. It is quite exciting to witness the actor’s stunning style picks that range from sizzling hot suits to a printed shirt or even leather pants. But the actor especially stole his fan’s breath away with his countless exciting shirtless pictures.

The actor has clearly worked hard on his body considering his well-defined toned muscles mixed in with the few tattoos is quite the look! Check out these pictures of the dazzling hot Italian actor here. What are your thoughts on the actor’s shirtless pictures? Let us know in the comments below!

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Credits: Instagram

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